About Maggie

I am Maggie Goebel the creator of this blog Freezer Meals For Us.
I hadn’t heard of Freezer Cooking until 2005.  Our church had a special evening of Freezer Meal instruction taught by some ladies who had been doing it for many years. I was FASCINATED! That night I knew that I wanted to be a part of such a group.  As I looked around for a group to join I found that most were full and had a waiting list. I waited. And I waited. But no chance to join any of them. In early 2007, I assembled a small group of 4 ladies who were interested in giving it a try.  It lasted a year, but as a few of them experienced major life changes they decided to take a break from the group.  I started another group and that lasted a few years, but the members came and went. Many of the group members have been military moms and so it was a transient group. Finally, in 2010 our current group became established and has been swapping for about 3 years now.

As I “meet” other like-minded ladies (and a few men) who know the benefits of freezer cooking I get excited seeing how it has transformed your families’ mealtime. You have more time to spend with your loved ones and friends because you aren’t stuck in a kitchen, you are saving money, you don’t stress about what’s for dinner,  and there are fewer dirty dishes so, of course, you feel more relaxed before and AFTER dinner.  It is something that can easily be worked into a regular dinner time routine or planned far in advance and carried out over the course of an entire morning or afternoon.  However you decide to do it, just give it a try and there is a good chance that you will be as converted as I am.