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April Guest Cook: Chicken Pot Pie

Hi, I’m Christy from ….from glitter to gumdrops.  I shared a dessert with Maggie’s readers last week, and this week I’m bringing a meal I hated once upon a time….until I discovered this one.  The great thing about this chicken pot pie is that the veggies you add to the pie make enough to fill two pies, so you have one to eat now, and one to freeze later, or bring to a friend who can freeze it if they are being inundated with meals, which tends to happen when those life events happen that call for ‘food for friends’ to be delivered.  A little more about this recipe….

I absolutely dislike chicken pot pie…a lot! It makes me want to gag (aren’t you ready to cook it right now with that lovely description?). Creamy, chicken, gooey, gaggy stuff messing with my bread-it’s a sin. I haven’t found it in the bible yet, but I’m sure it’s because I have not read it carefully enough-it’s there “Thou shalt not mess with the breadeth by adding creamy junketh to it.’ All this to say-this is a recipe for chicken pot pie that I like….a LOT. Which is sort of an antonym for all I stand for on creamy, chicken, yuckiness. A gal at work brought this years ago, and she offered the rest of us some. I cringed inside, held my nose, and took a bite (’cause I’m charming like that), and….I found there is an exception to that whole creamy chicken rule after all (because it’s none of those things)! I always like breaking rules. In addition, it’s just about as easy as chicken pot pie gets (not that I’m going to try out any other recipes to compare-I’m not that crazy). I bet there are food snobs out there that would turn up their nose b/c it doesn’t involve broiling chicken, shelling peas, and creaming potatoes (I have no idea what I just said). BUT….if you need an easy dinner, I recommend this. The NICE thing is it makes two pies, so you can freeze one, or make it for friends that you are delivering food to…which then gives you an excuse to hold their cute babies. It all comes back to holding the babies, and this pie’ll get ya in the door. I like babies. I like this pie too. I’ve always liked babies.  I haven’t always liked chicken pot pie.  This recipe made my change my philosophy, and helped me fill my freezer.  I made the first one, and froze the second before cooking, and I just popped it out, let it thaw, and baked it up as instructed. 

 Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

2 boxes of refrigerated pie dough.
1 12 oz can of chicken chunks (drained)
1 can of cream of potato soup
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 14 oz can of mixed vegetables (drained)
1. Place pie dough in the bottom of two pie plates.
2. Mix all the ingredients, and pour half into each pie shell.
3. Top pie shells with the top piece of dough. Trim edges, roll, and crimp.
4. Brush with egg wash, and cut slits in the top.
5. Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes (until crust is golden brown).

If freezing, freeze covered in foil. Pull out of freezer night before cooking or morning you plan to have for dinner and THAW.  Bake as directed if completely thaw (if it’s partially frozen or icy inside you will need to bake longer).

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