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How To Freeze Chicken Livers And Save Them For Later – Read Here!

Can You Freeze Chicken Livers?

Yes, you can, but you need to make sure they are fresh, clean, and well cooked.

Chicken livers are fatty, so they don’t freeze well. They tend to dry out and become rubbery. Freezing livers is one of those things that sounds like something that you have to be a chef to do properly.

However, freezing livers is quite easy. In this article, I’ll explain the best ways to freeze livers and how to store them.

Does Chicken livers Freeze well?

Yes, chicken livers freeze well.

If you want to freeze them, you can wrap them in plastic wrap or foil and put them in the freezer.

You can use them in various dishes, such as chicken liver pate, chicken liver mousse, or chicken liver crepes.

The liver of chickens is an extremely nutritious and delicious meats. They are a good source of protein, vitamin A, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and selenium.

In addition, they are rich in vitamins B1 and B6, biotin, and niacin. Chicken livers are a high-quality protein with low-fat content and a mild flavor.

You can freeze them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

How to Freeze Livers?

Chicken livers can be cooked, fried, or used in soups and stews. The most economical way to use them is in chicken liver pâté. However, they are also a great addition to meatloaf and fettuccine Alfredo.

There are two ways of freezing livers: You can freeze them raw or cook them first. Let’s talk about freezing raw liver.

Freezing Raw Chicken Livers

The easiest method of freezing livers is to wrap them individually in plastic wrap and place them in a freezer bag.

If you’re only going to use the livers once. If you intend to use them more than once, it may be better to cook them before freezing.

Freezing Cooked Chicken Livers

To prepare chicken liver meat for freezing, you should remove any excess liquid fat and cut off the veins.

Then, chop the livers into small pieces.

I recommend freezing chicken liver portions because they are easier to thaw later.

Once you’ve chopped your livers, pour them into a container or bowl.

Cover the container or bowl with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and place it in the freezer.

After about 30 minutes, check the batch of livers to see if they are frozen enough.

After removing them from the freezer, allow them to sit at room temperature until completely defrosted.

Storing Frozen Chicken Liver

When you’re ready to use your frozen raw chicken livers, take them out of the freezer to bring them to room temperature.

When they are fully defrosted, you’ll find them much easier to work with.

They won’t stick together and will be soft enough to slice easily.

If you’d prefer to keep your raw liver longer, you can freeze them again.

It’s important to remember not to refreeze the previously frozen portion of livers.

Refrozen raw chicken livers tend to lose their texture and become mushy.

So, when you’re ready to use them, make sure they have been defrosted thoroughly.

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How to Defrost Frozen Livers?

As a housewife, you may find yourself wondering how to defrost frozen livers. There are several ways to do this: 

Use an immersion circulator. 

Use a microwave oven. 

Use a regular oven. 


STEP 1 The immersion circulator method is one of the best ways to defrost a frozen liver. You can buy one of these for as little as $.

They are easy to use, but they aren’t particularly efficient. If you have one, you’ll need to place the delicate liver meat in a bowl or other container that will fit in the circulator.

STEP 2 A microwave is a good second-best option. This is much less expensive than the immersion circulator, but it is also less efficient. If you want to try a microwave, you’ll need a small dishwasher-sized microwave oven.

STEP 3 Regular ovens often defrost frozen livers, but it is usually not as efficient as the other two methods. If you use a regular oven, you will need to do some research to find out how to use it.

Tips & Tricks when freezing Chicken livers:

Chicken livers are very versatile. They can add flavor to soups, stews, sauces, salads, and even desserts.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your chicken livers:

1) Freeze cooked livers like you would freeze the cooked meat.

2) Remove all the visible fat from the piece of chicken liver.

3) Chop the delicate liver meat into small cubes.

4) Pour the chopped livers into a freezer bag, container or bowl and cover it with plastic wrap or aluminum foils.

5) Place the container in the refrigerator.

6) After about 30 minutes, remove the fresh liver from the fridge and allow them to come back to room temperature.

7) When fully defrosting, they should be soft enough to cut up without sticking together.

8) Store the liver slices in the refrigerator.

9) Use within 4 days.

10) To thaw frozen chicken livers, place them in a bowl of cold water and wait until they are completely thawed livers.

Last Words

We hope to provide you with some useful information on how to freeze fresh chicken liver. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by leaving a comment below.

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