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Can You Freeze Chili? Let’s Find Out!

Does Chili Freeze Well?

Yes, chili freezes well! But the problem is that chili freezes. Some parts freeze faster than others.

It means that some of your chilies will be frozen solid before other parts are even close to being done.

If you have trouble freezing chili, you already know it’s essential to get the timing right. It is because some parts freeze much quicker than others.

It’s crucial to track the temperature of your chili throughout the freezing process.

Freezing chili is a great way to preserve it for later. You can freeze chili in individual servings or freeze the entire batch at once.

Read on to see how to freeze chili.

How to Freeze and Defrost Chili?

Chili is one of those things that is so good, and it makes you want to eat it for every meal. When you freeze the type of chili, the beans stay intact, and the satisfying flavors don’t get lost.

You can then use them to make other delicious dishes, such as cooked chili and chili con carne.

Step 1: Put the chili in a freezer-safe container. This way, it can be reheated. The easiest way to do this is to transfer the leftover chili to a zipper-lock bag.

Step 2: Label the container. Don’t forget the date.

Step 3: Place the container in the freezer. If you’re not going to use the chili for a while, put it into a freezer bag or freezer wrap. And then write the contents on the outside.

Step 4: Defrost the chili. It should defrost overnight or in the refrigerator.

Step 5: Reheat the chili.

Note: When frozen and thawed, the chili releases its liquids and turns into a watery mess. So, freeze only if you’re sure you will be using the chili within a few months.

Two main types of chili

  • Ground chili can be stored in the freezer without spoiling.
  • You should cook the chili within three days after being prepared.

You can freeze ground chili in airtight containers or bags. Make sure to label them, so you don’t confuse them with other food items.

Remember that ground chili loses its fresh flavor over time, so you might prefer to cook it fresh from scratch.

How Long Does Chili Last in the Freezer?

Chili lasts for about 2 months in the freezer, depending on how much spice you put into the chili. If you want to freeze chili for longer, you should add some cornstarch to thicken the hot sauce.

The best way to store excellent chili is to freeze it in pound portions for later use. If you want to keep it longer, freeze it in ice cube trays.

Homemade Bean-based Chili Recipe


  • Chicken
  • Tomatoes
  • Beans
  • Ground beef
  • Spices or tbsp chili powder
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Bell peppers
  • Celery


1. Start by adding your spices and other ingredients to the bowl of your food processor. Add your chicken, tomatoes, and beans and pulse until chopped together.

2. Transfer the contents of the leftover food processor to a large mixing bowl. Stir well to combine and remove any lumps.

3. Add the ground beef to the bowl and use your hands to mix the ground meat into the bean chili.

4. Add the onions and garlic to the bowl and stir to combine.

5. Add the bell peppers, green and red peppers, and celery to the bowl. Toss with the other ingredients and divide the mixture into the containers.

6. Seal the bags or containers. Freeze your creamy chili in a freezer bag, or freeze it in individual containers or cups.

Tips for freezing chili

What would you do if you found a bunch of good food that was about to go bad? The answer: Freeze it!

It would be cheap to buy the ingredients at the grocery store, but freezing works to extend life.

Even if you freeze your food, a few tips can make it easier to keep it safe and delicious.

1. Make sure you know how much time you have before spoilage. Chill your chili until it’s frozen solid, then let it thaw for a few hours.

2. Divide the batch into individual portions so that you don’t have to defrost the whole batch.

3. Add salt to your chili. Salt is essential to any recipe that involves meat, but it’s also a key ingredient in freezing. You can also add other spices or herbs.

4. Don’t freeze chili that contains beans or other ingredients that can spoil.

5. Make sure you label each container with the contents and date.

6. Don’t freeze any ingredients used later in cooking.

Last Words

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on how to freeze chili. It’s an easy cooking process as simple as following a recipe.

Freezing homemade chili might be the ultimate convenience food for many. You can cook up a pot and have it ready to go whenever you’re hungry.

And when you don’t have time to prepare the recipe, you can pop the frozen chili into the microwave to heat it in seconds. 

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