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February ’12 Meal Swap

Looks like we went with an international Menu this month. (ha-ha-ha)  We’ve got Hawaiian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and Swedish.  Recipes will be posted soon.

Dr. Pepper Spaghetti
Taco Filled Pasta Shells
Cheeseburger Pie
Mexican Beef

Chicken Brocolli Alfredo
Sweet and Savory Chicken Stir Fry
Creamy Tomatillo Enchiladas

Hawaiian Kielbasa Sandwiches

Side Dishes/Desserts
Quart jar of homemade Applesauce (Amanda)
2 dozen Chocolate Chip Cookie balls (Mariana)
Candy Bar Dessert (Maggie)
Homemade Dinner Rolls, uncooked (Amity)

Swap Participants are:

How this swap was organized:

  • 3 out of the 4 of us met in the beginning of February to plan out most of the menu. We decided that each gal would choose 2 meals to prepare for the group. With 4 of us participating we would each receive 8 meals.
  • In picking our meals we chose a variety of beef, chicken and pork dishes.
  • We met on a Tuesday and swapped 8 days later.
  • Maggie totaled the quantities of all ingredients and made up two shopping lists.   One for Amity which consisted of about half the meat and produce and spices. Maggie’s list was half the meat and canned items. 
  • Amity and I did the shopping (for group members who live here closeby).
  • Amanda did the shopping and prepping of her two meals since she lives across town.
  • The photo above shows the food at the swap.

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