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Easy Guide to Store and Freeze Cupcakes? Read Here!

Can You Freeze Frosted Cupcakes?

Yes, you can freeze frosted cupcakes. The best way to do this is to put them in a freezer bag and then place them in the fridge for 24 hours.

It will allow the icing to set up and keep the cake from melting.

Frosted cupcakes are delicious, but they also contain a lot of sugar. Try freezing them before serving if you want to enjoy them without feeling guilty.

Frozen desserts are great for parties or events where you don’t want to worry about food safety. They’re perfect for those watching their waistline because they are lower in calories.

You can freeze frosted cupcakes by placing them in a layer on a party baking sheet with parchment paper. Once frozen, transfer them to an airtight freezer bag or container. This method keeps the cake from drying out and allows you to eat it later.

How To Freeze Frosted Cupcakes?

Step by step process:

1. Place your frosted cupcake into a freezer bag or plastic container.

2. Make sure there’s enough room around the soft cupcake so that it doesn’t stick together.

3. Put the individual freezer bag or container into the freezer. You may need to use a couple of bags or containers if you have many cupcakes.

4. After 24-48 hours, take the cupcakes out of the freezer and thaw them at room temperature.

5. Enjoy!

Refrigerate any leftover frosting. It’ll keep for several days. Store any extra frosting in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Freezing frosted cupcakes helps prevent moisture loss, which means they won’t dry out.

Effects of Freezing on Frosted Cupcakes

Freezing will keep frosting from running and melting out of cakes and cookies. But, frosting may not adhere as well if it freezes.

It can be re-frosted if the frosting does melt out of delicious frozen cupcakes.

When freezing cupcakes, the sugar crystals turn to original texture into brittle.

Freezing cakes can be an effective way to extend their life and enhance their cupcakes taste. It would help if you allowed enough time to frost the cake and wait until the frosting was stiff before putting it in the freezer.

Shelf Life of Frosted Cupcakes

The shelf life of frosted cupcakes is two to three weeks if kept in a cool, dry place. Still, the shelf life of frosted cupcakes depends on the type of frosting used. And how long the frosting is stored.

The frosting is an acid-base system, so the longer it is in contact with oxygen, the more likely it will turn sour. And the shorter its shelf life.

It is the reason that frostings are usually only sold in jars. Once opened, they can be kept in a sturdy container for several weeks.

Many factors contribute to the shelf life of frosted cupcakes. First, if they are frosted with normal buttercream frosting, you need to freeze them.

It keeps the frosting from melting, which causes the cake to dry out and crumble. The longer the frosting sits at the ideal freezer temperature, the less likely it will harden.

The frosting should not be allowed to sit for more than 2 hours before serving. If you have a bunch of cupcakes, they should be refrigerated until ready to serve.

The longer the frosting sits on the cosy cupcakes, the more likely it is to soften and melt the cake. Thus, you should apply the frosting to the batch of cupcakes as soon as possible.

How do you defrost frozen frosted cupcakes?

Frosted cupcakes have a smooth, shiny appearance that looks delicious. They can look appealing in a bakery display case but become uneatable when they arrive at your house.


Step 1: Remove the frosting. After the cake has cooled, pop it out of the pan and pull the top off. You can leave the sides on but be prepared for some crumbs and loose icing to fall out.

Step 2: Scoop the frosting out. If you’re trying to remove the entire cake, don’t worry about the crumbs and loose icing. Scoop out all the frosting and discard any remnants you find.

Step 3: Put the frosting in a bowl. Add ice cubes to your mixing bowl and place the frosted cupcake. Press down to make sure that all the frostings are submerged. Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap, and set the bowl in the fridge overnight.

Step 4: Repeat the process the next day. The same can be applied to frosted, plain cupcakes that have been left out in the refrigerator as well.

Tips for Freezing Baked Goods

When you work hard to bake homemade goodies, you expect them to turn out well. But sometimes, things don’t work out quite the way you had planned.

1. Be sure to leave enough room for expansion as the dough rises.

2. Make sure that your freezer has space to accommodate the desired storage length. Move the freezer to a more prominent location or get a new one if it doesn’t.

3. Separate your items into different sizes so that they’ll fit. Like bread or casseroles, oversized items can go in a single freezer compartment.

Smaller items like cookies or pies should be stored in individual compartments.

4. Label and date frozen food before putting it in the freezer. It helps make it easier to keep track of your food. When you remove your baked goods from the freezer, you can use the label to identify them. 

5. Always thaw food in the refrigerator. It is the best method for keeping your food cold, but thawing it in the microwave works, too.

Do Different Frostings Affect the Freezing Process?

The type of frosting used does not affect how well the cold cupcakes freeze. But, some frostings are more likely to melt during the process. 

Classic buttercream icing is prone to dripping, unlike ganache that stays intact.

If you plan to freeze your unfrosted cupcake, make sure that you pick one that stays firm when thawed.

How long do frosted cupcakes last in the fridge?

Store them in the refrigerator once you’ve taken the frost cupcakes out. Frozen cakes should be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

When you’re ready to eat them, pop them out of the package and onto a plate.

What happens to frosted cupcakes after I defrost them?

When you defrost frozen cupcakes, they lose some of their shapes. That’s why it’s essential to wait until they are completely thawed before eating them.

How do you store cupcakes with frosting?

Cupcakes leftover with frosting can be refrigerated for three days. When storing, make sure that they aren’t touching or anything that could cause them to stick.

What About Frozen Baked Goods?

Making a cake is a science. There are certain things that happen when you bake something. These include rising, baking, cooling, and storing.

When you freeze baked goods, these processes stop. Because of this, frozen baked goods lose terms of texture and flavor.

It isn’t bad news. Many people prefer the taste of frozen baked goods over fresh ones.

For instance, ice cream tastes better after being frozen. But, if you want to preserve the quality of your baked goods, you should avoid freezing them.

Final Words

Cupcakes will keep frozen for up to 2 months. If you need to store them longer, you can always refreeze defrosted cupcakes later.

You can make the icing in advance, as well, so you always have plenty of frosting to cover the cupcakes.

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