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Frozen Meat: Why We Love It, Hate It, And How Much Is Too Much? Let’s Find Out!

How Many Times Can You Freeze Meat?

You can freeze raw meat only once, and I do not recommend refreezing. After the first freezing, the meat loses running water and nutrients. And meats are less nutritious and harder to cook.

Try to freeze cooked food or store it in zip lock bags to avoid this problem.

You should freeze raw meat using the directions on the pack to maintain quality. Freezing a product may cause the quality of the product to deteriorate.

You must defrost meat after it has been frozen because large ice water crystals can damage it. But make sure that you do not refreeze it once it has thawed.

While you can freeze your meat a few times, it does lose some quality. Freezing doesn’t change the frozen food quality, the texture.

But, the more times you freeze your meat, the more the texture will change. While you can freeze your meat a few times, you should not freeze it more than that.

Is it safe to refreeze meat that has thawed?

Refrigerating meat is necessary since food will spoil if left at room temperature. Defrost meat should not be re-refrigerated since ice crystals can cause mushy food. 

Instead, put the meat into a freezer bag and place it back into the fridge immediately after cooking.

I recommend that you cook any meat that has been frozen as soon as possible. As for frozen meat that has thawed, you should cook it within 48 hours to avoid the risk of bacteria growth.

It’s generally not safe to refreeze meat that has thawed, but there are some circumstances when it’s OK to do so. Refreezing meat that has thawed can lead to the growth of bacteria, which can lead to illness if you eat the meat.

But, if the meat is cooked first, the bacteria won’t be an issue.

How many times can you refreeze cooked meat?

Meat loses its quality and flavor after it’s refrozen, so don’t freeze meat more than three times.

Cook the meat once thawed. Then, refreeze. On the second thaw, cook it and refreeze for the third time.

I will say that freezing cooked meat is a great way to preserve it for future meals. The USDA recommends that you freeze cooked ground meat for no more than three months.

Frozen cooked meat can refreeze, but only if it is still frozen when you thaw it.

There are ways to freeze cooked meats:

1. Freeze them into the bag.

2. Freeze them first in a tray and then put them into bags.

Refreezing food is a risky practice because bacteria grow at freezing temperatures. 

I recommend cooking meat to:

  • 165 degrees F for medium-rare
  • 160 degrees F for medium
  • 155 degrees F for well done
  • And 140 degrees F for raw.

 If you freeze meat at these temperatures, it should be safe to refreeze up to three times. 

What happens if the meat gets freezer burn?

It makes it difficult for consumers to cut the meat into desired shapes. The texture becomes tough and chewy. 

Freezer burn happens when the meat starts sticking due to the ice crystals inside the meat.

To prevent freezer burn, freeze the meat after buying, then defrost it in the refrigerator.

You can place raw meats into a resealable plastic bag or wrap them in foil. Never put frozen food back into the refrigerator after defrosting process.

You should eat your freezer-burned meat before it freezes. If you can’t eat it right away, you can wrap it in several layers of heavy-duty foil. 

Cook it and then freeze it, which is safe as long as you keep the meat as cold as possible – below 0 degrees F for best results.

How To Freeze Meat?

Store meat in the freezer as long as it is frozen. Freeze only clean and dry meat in small batches to ensure the best quality.

Wrap it well in freezer paper, foil, or plastic freezer bags and label the contents and date.

The shelf life of frozen meat is from six months to a year if kept frozen. You can defrost from freezer to refrigerator or warm water.

Freezing meat is easy, but, must use proper tools for freezing. Although freezing meat is simple, you must thaw frozen meat.

Final Words

I do not recommend you freeze meat more than once, but freezing it as much as 4-6 times can still be safe. Because if you freeze it, then the texture will still stay the same.

The best product to freeze is fresh meat. It’s not safe to freeze raw meat sitting around for a long time. Raw meat needs to be cooked before freezing.

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