January ’11 Meal Swap

We will be swapping January 26, Wednesday at 9:15am at Maggie’s home.  Remember to sign up to make 2 different meals 6 of each.  (Please email me with your recipe…. [email protected])

Angel Hair Chicken Pasta
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Creamy Chicken Soup
Chicken Brocolli Alfredo (for recipe and reviews)
Quick and Easy Chinese Chicken
Chicken Parmesan
Sunshine Chicken

Dave’s Famous Chili

Mostaccioli (pasta) with Sausage
Corn and Sausage Chowder
Funeral Potatoes/Corn on the Cob

By Melissa

FreezeMyFood.com is my site built more out of spreading the word of safe eating and reducing waste than anything else. I'm Melissa and I am a qualified Nutritionist and a Sous Chef at the local Italian restaurant. I aim to educate people on eating well and reducing food waste.

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