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March Guest Cook: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

The Arizona wife, mother and entrepreneur Jackie Wheeler says,  “I pray over the meals I am preparing and we pray over our meals as a group. Everyone in my group is on Facebook and we all started posting about our experience. Next thing we knew more people wanted to be a part of it and wanted to know what in the world we were doing. We now have 13 in our group. Once we got the hang of it one of our wonderful members (Michelle) came up with the idea that we could make one extra meal each month to bless a family “in need”. As of this writing Funky Freezer Girls has blessed six families.It is also fun to know that at least 3 other groups have been started because of this “crazy” little idea I had. AND ALL are doing Ministry meals or blessing meals. I am constantly blown away by how God uses each of us and how he answers us. After the 2nd exchange a few of the girls shared with me how they’d been talking about this exact need and felt like God used this idea to answer their needs. I was just being “selfish” as I needed help, little did I know God was using me to bless my dear sweet friends. Heidi has had another idea, it would be amazing to see “funky freezer girls” take off all over the US so we could help those needing a blessing meal across the US. Example: say, there is a freezer meal group connected to us in TX. One of us in AZ has a friend in need in TX (near them of course) and we ask if they would bless this family. Or our friends in TX have a friend here and we can do the same. Oh the possibilities.  ““Pulled pork sandwiches have been very popular for our group. When I did it for the first time we had a small group. But I still only have one crock pot and I transferred meat in and out of that one crock pot 4 times in a 24 hour period. My home smelled amazing! I got smart the next time and borrowed some crocks and only had to prep one time. I like this recipe for our exchanges because it is one meal that you can just defrost, reheat and eat. Add a few sides and your good to go. A bonus is the husbands really like this one too.”
Pulled Pork SandwichesMember Recipe: Jackie (Recipe by my in-laws Bruce and Phyllis)Ingredients:boneless pork loin (3-4lbs)Onion (sliced)Garlic (minced)1/4 cup water2 bottles bbq sauceHamburger or mini bunsBrown pork. put onions and garlic and water in bottom of crock pot. Put pork on top. Put on low and cook for about 4 hours. Test if easily pulls apart. Put back in pot with bbq stir so onion and garlic are mixed with meat for another 1/2 hour-ish. Of course, if you have a larger pork loin it will take longer to cook. After cooking let cook and place in container for freezing.
To Serve: Defrost, reheat, serve.

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