Pasta Valencia

This dish was created when I had some different meats in my fridge that I wanted to use in a meal. I combined the bacon and little sausages for a great combo in a pasta dish. The entire family was singing its praises and begging for more.

  Ingredients:1 lb. spaghetti1 c. milk4 oz. cream cheese, cubed1/2 c. Parmesan cheese1/2 c. mozzarella cheese1 c. lil’ smokies cut diagonally1/2 c. bacon, chopped and cooked3/4 c. frozen peas Boil spaghetti until al dente. Drain. Continue to cook on low. Add milk, and cheeses and blend to make a sauce.  It won’t be really saucy more of a hint.  Then add the meat and peas. Fold into the pasta. Cook till warmed throughout.  Serve immediately with some extra Parmesan sprinkled on top. Freezing Instructions:Cook as directed. Pour into a bag and freeze flat. On cooking day thaw, and reheat on stovetop. Serve with some Parmesan sprinkled on top. 

By Melissa is my site built more out of spreading the word of safe eating and reducing waste than anything else. I'm Melissa and I am a qualified Nutritionist and a Sous Chef at the local Italian restaurant. I aim to educate people on eating well and reducing food waste.

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