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Pomegranate Jelly Meatballs

Here is a fun take on a family favorite. When I was a kid my grandma would make jelly with the pomegranates that we grew on our bushes. It was so sweet and had a flavor that to this day I can’t forget. While on a family road trip a few weeks ago, I was super excited to find a few jars of pomegranate jelly in the Pipe Springs National Monument gift shop.  The morning after returning from our trip I made some toast for me and the kids and spread on some jelly.  WooWee!!!!! It was sour. It tasted a little like grandma’s, but not that much!  I had spent $5.00 on the pint and didn’t want to waste it (plus I had 2 other jars in the cupboard).  So I decided to make my “Grape Jelly Meatballs” and just substitute.

Pomegranate Jelly Meatballs

1 small jar of Jelly (I used pomegranate)
1 jar Heinz Chili Sauce
1 med. bag meatballs (about 35)

Blend sauce and jelly together in a slow cooker and dump in a medium bag of frozen meatballs. Mix around.  Cook on Low 5-6 hours. Serve over rice.

To serve this as an appetizer ONLY use about half the amount of jelly and chili sauce so that it is less messy.  First put the meatballs down in the crockpot, then in a separate container combine the chili sauce and jelly and pour over the top of the meatballs.  Cook about 5-6 hours on low.  When done you can spear each meatball with a toothpick and place on a platter… or just leave in the crockpot and let people serve themselves.

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