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Wine In The Freezer – Can I Put Wine In The Freezer? Let’s Find Out!

Can You Put Wine In The Freezer?

Consider your options carefully before doing this because wine is alcohol, and you’re freezing it. The temperature at which alcohol freezes is significantly lower than that of water, so you risk bottle shattering.

It’s also not very hygienic, as there are no air pockets to keep it cold.

Before you try it, make sure you have a good seal on the bottle as well as a label with the date and content.

Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Wine?

The key reason you shouldn’t freeze your bottle of wine is that it will lose its flavor. You won’t enjoy it once it has been frozen. If you do not like wine when it’s fresh, you won’t enjoy it once it has been frozen.

You can still drink the frozen wine if you thaw it out slowly, but it will be less enjoyable than if you had drunk it straight from the fridge.

How can I freeze Wine?

Wine can be expensive. The best way to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine at a fraction of the price is to freeze it.

Whether you’re trying to save money or don’t have space in your refrigerator for a whole bottle, freezing wine is a great way to store it.


  1. Choose your wine. It’s important to choose the right wine for the right reason. If you’re trying to freeze red wine, you should be looking for something with lower alcohol content. 

    Red wines tend to have higher levels of sugar than white wines. This is because red wines are fermented from red grapes, while white wines are made from white grapes. 

    Sugar in wine tends to build up in red wines during fermentation, which can cause them to taste sweeter. This doesn’t mean that red wines aren’t worth drinking, but they have a bit more sugar than their white counterparts.
  2. Find a suitable container. You don’t have to buy expensive glass wine bottles. You can find inexpensive plastic bottles at any grocery store. The ideal size will depend on your needs. The smaller the bottle, the better.
  3. Pour your wine selection into the bottle. This step should only take a few minutes. If you’re freezing a bottle of white wine, you’ll need to pour it straight from the bottle. If you’re freezing a bottle of red wine, you’ll want to stir it around a bit before pouring it into the bottle. This will prevent the red wine from separating.
  4. Fill the bottle with ice and seal it. It’s important to fill your container with ice and pour the wine into it. This is because the ice water helps to cool the wine down quickly. Once the bottle is filled with ice, seal it tightly. 

    Make sure you use an appropriate lid, such as a screw-top lid. Screw tops are designed to withstand pressure and help preserve the quality of your wine.
  5. Label the bottle. Write both the name of the wine and the date you froze it on the outside of the bottle. This will allow you to identify the contents easily later on.
  6. Put the bottle in the freezer. Your wine should stay cold for about three months. After this time, you can remove the frozen bottle from the freezer and let it sit for a couple of hours. At this point, you can start enjoying your wine.
  7. Serve yourself a glass. When you’re ready to serve yourself a glass of wine, open the bottle and pour some into wine glasses. Don’t worry about serving the rest of the wine back into the bottle. That’s not necessary.

Frozen wine is quite popular in some parts of Europe, especially France. It’s usually made by adding sugar or honey to the wine, which helps to keep the wine fresh.

However, this method isn’t recommended for all wines, as some varieties don’t work well with sweetening agents.

What Happens when you Freeze Wine?

When you freeze wine, you’re slowing down its natural process. This means that the sugars in the wine won’t convert into alcohol until much later.

As a result, frozen wine tastes sweet. However, this sweetness isn’t overwhelming. Frozen wine has a very light flavor.

How Long does Wine Keep in the Freezer?

Frozen wine keeps well in the freezer for about three months. You shouldn’t expect to get the same level of quality after six months.

How To Store Your Wine Safely

There are many ways to store your delicious wine safely. The traditional method and best way are to buy a vacuum-sealed wine cooler, which keeps the leftover wine cool without affecting its flavor.

Wine coolers come in different sizes, depending on how much wine you need to store. They range from small boxes to large refrigerators.

When storing bottles of wine, you should always use ice cubes to prevent any condensation from forming inside the box. This could affect the quality of the wine.

You can also store your wine in a refrigerator, but this means that it will take longer to reach room temperature again.

A better option would be to leave the wine in the sun. This will help warm up the wine quickly, but it will also dry it out.

If you decide to keep your glass of wine in the fridge, make sure you have enough space. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of bottles stacked up against each other.

The ideal situation would be to have one shelf dedicated to storing wine in the fridge.

It’s worth noting that if you plan on keeping your glass of wine in the freezer, you should only store it there for short periods of time. If you leave it there too long, you run the risk of spoiling the wine.

Last Words

Freezing wine is a great way to enjoy it at home. It doesn’t require any special equipment so you can do it almost anywhere. However, it would help if you remembered that freezing wine changes the taste slightly. So, you might find that you prefer drinking fresh wine over frozen wine.

That said, frozen wine is still a good idea if you want to save money. Buying a case of wine instead of buying individual bottles is cheaper than buying individual bottles.

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